Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Players union predicted that the new season without salary cap

NFL Players Association executive director Demolisi - Smith gave his players a few days ago sent a memo telling them a new collective bargaining agreement has not been modest, the new season, there will be no salary cap.

In the memorandum, Smith set out briefly the progress of the negotiations, but it clearly pointed out that the new agreement could not be reached before March 5, so the first since 1993 without a salary cap for the upcoming season. Smith wrote: "We want to make every effort to reach a fair agreement, but the heart of the agreement also did not come out, so the 2010 season, there will be no salary cap." Smith said, the players union will be no salary cap expected to extend the season a year, in order to secure more time for negotiations, he wrote: "In our view, to extend the labor agreement is better than no salary cap is more in line with the interests of both players and owners, in any case, the new labor agreement must give the players a reasonable income, while bosses were also To get sufficient capital to develop the sport. "Smith also said that the new negotiations will be a regular four-week re-start, place of freedom where the scout camp in Indianapolis.

NFL spokesman Greg - Ai no little comment on the memorandum Smith, president and Goodell said before the Super Bowl, he thought the negotiations would bring about new collective bargaining agreement, the time on March 11, 2011 the existing before the expiry of collective agreements. If there is no salary cap this season, which means a large number of wealthy players eat into the free agent, while those of "poor" team, you must tighten the purse, nearly 200 famous in the non-restricted free agent and the new team will be able to sign. If the new collective bargaining agreement can not be reached, may be shut down 2011 season for the flourishing of the NFL will be a tremendous blow, Smith writes: "NFL has made it clear that club profitable, they never said what the team loss, another Alliance involved in the negotiations refused to profit and revenue capacity of the team. "

During the labor negotiations, a total of 12 round of negotiations, to let the two sides discussed different aspects of the terms, and finally reach a comprehensive agreement, Smith wrote: "When we made progress in some areas, we are still in some areas and bosses They have differences, they called on players to cut 18% of the salary was disappointed, but they do not provide excellent financial data to support their demands, as far as we know since 1993, the Alliance's revenue increased year by year. "