Thursday, March 4, 2010

Italian Football Federation president even behind the Balotelli

Italian Football Federation President Abbett that, by virtue of superior strength, Mario Balotelli worthy to enter the national team's World Cup list.

Recently, the 19-year-old Inter Milan striker Balotelli Italy played well in the league. Lippi will be public opinion called for the national team, he enrolled in an increasing demand, while the Italian Football Federation President Abate agreed that Balotelli expected to last, Lippi to take into account.

"Balotelli is increasingly mature, he can count on Marcello Lippi's players, but of course, the decision was made by Marcello Lippi to do." Abate March 4 to accept an interview with Sky Sports, said: "Pakistan Luo Teli personal abilities in the front line, there is no dispute, but he is more mature, and yesterday I saw he joined the Italian u21 match, in order to teammates, he sacrificed a lot, he regarded himself the whole game placed in service position for the teammates. "

Abate appreciate Balotelli, but he did not want outsiders to say "to put pressure on Lippi," and praised some light later, he again hurried to say, he was just making suggestions, decisions must be done by Lippi, he will not interfere: "I'm not a coach, as a manager, I respect the coach's views. The final decision can only be done by Lippi, which does not play Balotelli on Inter by only Jose Mourinho decision is a reason. "