Monday, March 15, 2010

Brothers together out of a remake of the classic box-office

Saliboli is a red temper and John partner in the ESPN commentary NFL games, the two have had a tit for tat. When they judge the situation of the game greatly differ, Saliboli occasionally say, "You're not played NFL", in order to support their own point of view of reliability. Once the results of his old trick, Ke Leidun abruptly top back to a "you do not," the former air cruelly.

How can you say one in the NFL stayed for 10 years, "elderly" is an outsider do? This all goes back Saliboli that baffled his career talking about. He has played for six teams, the longest one in the Minnesota Vikings team spent 4 years. But from beginning to end, the characters were all headed Saliboli alternate star quarterback, playing time, can be imagined. So, what can be said to refute the phrase Ke Leidun not open to mention what pot pot, hit a raw nerve.

The plot could not reverse the fait accompli, but Saliboli still would like to thank one person, "know him and his cooperation is a most pleasing thing." He said it - Sandler. End "Waterboy" and short-term co-operation, the two men parted ways a natural, but six years later, but also a football play to find on the subject Sandler remake of "The Longest Yard" and then they have a second time co-operation. "" The Longest Yard "to Adam (Sandler) requirements a lot higher than the previous one, Kru (the characters) is not a Shaxiao Zi, he was a football star, the need to complete more difficult movements, need more preparation. "spring of 2004, Saliboli began his second crew experience. "Training may not do you think that's so terrible, I cut the weight for the film, but also ran four kilometers everyday, but I have to say, Sean (Saliboli) set for me was the most relaxed and effective plan. Yes, he will not let me nervous. "

Although many people into the theater to see Sandler in the film, is directed at him to go that kind of Folly, but "The Longest Yard" is not a pure comedy drama, this point their minds clear to all. "The Longest Yard" premiere day to 16.5 million U.S. dollars on the occupied single-day box office table title, in one fell swoop pressure after a long-entrenched in this seat "Star Wars Ⅲ".