Friday, March 12, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs running back signed with top

Kansas City Chiefs team and free agent running back Thomas - Jones signed a contract last season, Jones led the New York Jets reached the AFC final statistics in the league standings third red ball. The team announced this week two of this contract, but refused to give details.

Jones last season, has created a career-high 1402 yards red balls and 14 touchdowns in a season before this, he washed the ball 1312 yards, 13 touchdowns, and was elected to the All-Star Game. 31-year-old Jones is expected to become 3-year running back Jamal - a strong complement to Charles, Charles was in Kansas City last season, the most valuable player, with 1120 yards of red balls and seven touchdowns.

Although Jones for 5 yards last season the number of red balls are over 1000 yard, Jets, or five free-agent market last week, when open, and his lifting of the contract. This season, he received 2.8 million U.S. dollars in addition to the basic wage, there is a list of three million U.S. dollars prize money. Jones and the Jets on the adjustment of his contract did not reach a consensus. The team hope that he can lower, but was Jones refused. Jones missed the last off-season volunteer activities, but with the team on his contract negotiations did not succeed. Last season he only got 90 million in base salary, but did not affect his performance in the field. Jets, averaging 172.2 yards be able to field the ball yards are washed several top in the league, Jones is the main reason. . Shonn Greene for more when the rookie ball, he looked tired, but Jones said that he felt that he was still playing the 4-5 season, because he maintained his good physical condition.

Jones in the 2000 draft by the Arizona Cardinals in the seventh place in the first round selected in 2003, was traded to Tampa Bay, the next year as a free agent with the Chicago Bears in 2007, was traded to the Jets. Since 2005, in the red ball a few yards, the second only to pull Jones wearing Neanderthal - Tomlinson (now also a free agent). Jones, the red ball in NBA history with 9217 yards on the Top-pound ranks 28th, behind Earl - Campbell 190 yards.