Monday, March 8, 2010

Falcons and former Texans team signed cornerback

Atlanta Falcons team and free agent cornerback Deng Tower - Robinson signed a contract this former Houston Texans team's steals leaders and the Falcons signed a six-year contract worth 57 million U.S. dollars.

Saturday the team confirmed the deal, it was reported Friday when the Falcons reached an agreement on, and Robinson.

Robinson's signing is very important because the falcon in the league last season ranked only 28th. This came from Athens, Georgia, the effectiveness of local players in Houston's six seasons with 13 steals. He will be a press conference on Monday was introduced to the public.

Texans team in the 2004 first-round draft pick No. 10 overall will be selected Robinson. In his rookie season and the creation of a single-season and six steals in a career record of 84 games he participated in 79 games as a starter.