Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patriot is one of the defensive hero Saturday over 39-year-old Theo

Patriot is one of the defensive hero Saturday over 39-year-old Theo. He has 18 seasons in the NFL fought on the first season and all 13 teams in the Lightning, although all-star many times, but never a champion to try the taste. He played for the Patriots to the Super Bowl hopes lightning into the break again. The game reserve running back in the lightning balls almost impulse array Turner, the Theo to intercept the scoring lines, so lightning is not able to overtake the Patriot touchdowns, but ending on penalties. He also Qinsha Rui Fusi 1.

Patriot two Cornerback Samuel and Thomas Hobbes once the anti-pass cut-off Rui Fusi. Samuel in the offseason to sign with the Patriots defeat the efforts of large contracts were designated as the label hung club players. After this season, his outstanding performance, certainly got his wish.

Patriots offensive arms, is the versatile running back Marshall - Fork, he was clever and good at catching the characteristics of post moves, and give full play in this game, the defense close to each other in cause great difficulties, he 8 times the ball 82 yards, the ball than the total number of codes outside the Patriots took over several stars are high. Another point is still the ball outside to take over Wilke, 7 times the ball 56 yards. Patriot games because of the weather and other tough for the air offensive by the two basic medium to advance the ball a short distance.