Friday, March 19, 2010

Smith last year at the October 25 game against Houston

"When I went to New York beside me a bunch of great guy, great coach, they believed me," Karl said. "They never lost confidence in me. That is why, when I play, we achieve success. These are the qualities are very important, something that lasted for two years is great. I will give my career, the battery charge of electricity, Now I feel my talent level, my level of experience with each other very little. I hope this will help the team win. "

Smith last year at the October 25 game against Houston, when the intermission to replace Hill played, and in San Francisco the rest of the race team has been the starter, the team with eight wins eight negative finish the whole season, created a team in the history of the worst records of six consecutive winning seasons does not exceed 50%.

Karl in the off-season training starting time voluntarily joined the team, he is enjoying the time together, and Smith. "Mutual promotion, a funny thing, but he looks like a good guy," Karl said.

As Hill's exchange, 49 teams will get a draft pick in 2011, unknown.