Monday, March 22, 2010

The former Saints defensive coach will be appointed coach of Redskins

Local time Tuesday, Jim - Haslet Washington Redskins agreed to contract out, about to become coach of Redskins defensive team, this is coach Mike - Shanahan's second since he took office key appointments.

Redskins team an anonymous insider revealed to the media this is news, because teams have to wait for someday erythroderma news conference to formally announce the appointment of Haslet in 2000 to 2005 coached the New Orleans Saint Christians, in 2008, Scott - Rhine Han was sacked after a few months as the transition Rams coach prior to his Rams, Saints and the Steelers as a defensive coach. Last year, the Haslet not find a job to the UFL (United Football League) team coached Florida ivory.

Haslet Monday to Redskins Park, the plane met Mike - Shanahan and red high-level team, he will replace the retiring Greg - Blachais, which has teams in the Redskins played six seasons However, once studied Liu Xun, has reached the retirement age. Count Hallett, Shanahan after taking office already has two chief aides, last week, his son Kyle as he came to Washington to become the team's offensive coaches erythroderma.